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Gel Nails

Acrylic Nail Extensions by Beauty by Kelly

Gel is a special mixture applied either on top of the natural nail or artificial nail extension.   If applied to the natural nail it allows the natural nail to strengthen and grow below the layer of gel.  The gel is applied in layers and built up, with it cured in-between each layer using a UV light so that when finished the gel nail is hard but still flexible.  Gel nails have a natural glossy finish which dry instantly and are chip resistant.


  • No damage to the natural nail and promotes natural growth and strengthening whilst protecting the natural nail
  • Gel is odourless, unlike acrylic
  • Gel is considered to be more environmentally friendly


  • Some clients may find gel nails are less durable than acrylic nails
  • Gel nails have to be cured under a UV light